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This Weeks 'Common Sense'

The Most Ethical Administration in History? [9-10-2000]

William Jefferson (Blythe) Clinton promised America the most ethical administration in history in 1992. Here are a few things this most ethical administration has produced:

(1) More women and children killed (Waco, Kosovo, Sudan (aspirin factory)) than previous administrations (Bush, Reagan, Carter.)

(2) More administration scandals involving arrests than previous administrations.

(3) A President Impeached by the House for lying under oath, disgracing his office, and betraying the American trust. Rather than resign, insisted on saddling America with an untrusted, lame duck, and impeached President for the remainder of his term.

(4) Politics of division, class warfare, 'scorched earth' politics of personal destruction, a country more divided against itself than previous administrations, political opponents treated as 'enemies'. Introduced Carville, Shrum, and other 'attack dogs' into American politics.

(5) Fund raising abuses to an all new low in American politics with Chinese buying influence, drug dealers and thugs attending 'coffees' at the White House, renting out the White House in return for contributions.

(6) Making "selective amnesia" an officially sanctioned response to congressional and legal inquiries about the actions of WH staff and officials.

(7) Clinton-Gore's environmental policies have burned the West -- literally.

(8) First person ever with a 'photographic memory' to 'not remember'.

(9) Hillary's Secret and Illegal Health Care Task Force. Could not account for millions of $$ and held secret meetings, kept no records of expenditures.

(10) Most consecutive years in office, with homeless beggars on every street corner. Without a single news story about "The Plight of The Homeless".

(11) Most children thrown back over the communist wall.

(12)The Clinton Administration leaves behind unanswered questions......
How 'ethical' was firing the 'Travel Office'?
How 'ethical' was firing ALL of the US District Attorneys?
How 'ethical' was putting 'condoms' on the White House Christmas tree?
How 'ethical' was it to remain in office after 'misleading' the people?
How 'ethical' was it to declare a Utah National Monument while standing in Arizona, and locking up coal reserves to increase the market for your 'Indonesian friends'?
How 'ethical' was it to reduce the funds available for the war on drugs by 80%?

In this crucial election year, we will decide whether we have had enough scandals, partisan slugfests, and fingerpointing rather than leadership capable of reaching across the aisle, building bridges and getting things done for the American people. You have the opportunity to make your choice in November.

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What Common Sense Conservatives Believe

'Common Sense' conservatives treat opponents like neighbors, we are all citizens of the U.S.A., we can agree to disagree without the sharp partisan attitudes.

'Common Sense' politics is the politics of inclusion. Racism and gay bashing must be stopped. As Christians, or persons of other faiths, we can consider the 'gay' lifestyle wrong without being judgemental. Hate the sin, love the sinner.

At the same time, we do not believe in women or gays serving in the military for the obvious reason that our nations defense needs are higher than our desire to serve. Gays and women in the military create problems that are not conducive to training and war readiness. Therefore we oppose women and gays for military service.

'Common Sense' Conservatives believe that the unborn have rights too, including the right to live.

'Common Sense' Conservatives believe that the rich are not enemies of the state, and therefore they should not be taxed any greater than the rest of us. We totally object to the Clinton/Gore practice of class warfare. We believe in a flat tax or sales tax to replace the burdensome tax system that we have today.

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